Tuesday, February 25, 2014

what happened in February....

Evelyn loves to play. im so glad she doesnt mind playing alone. it really makes things easier.
my mom started the #jamiesselfiechallenge

it snowed!!  

Evie loves her noodles
we had a fun vacation

Happy V-Day!!! Zach and I saw the lego movie
Lyvie turned 3 months old!!
Lyv rolled over yay!!!

more selfies with the girls!!

i got a new bike

Ev loves Lyv

Lyv loves Ev

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

olyvia 2 mos

my girls are growing up fast 
Lyv is 2 months old

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

olyvia is 1 month old

olyvia 1 month old 

olyvia jane

olyvias birth went pretty much exactly as planned i had no complications. i had a scheduled c-section on november 14th. i went to the hospital in carthage at 10am i got my iv and they made sure my blood sugar was fine. my blood sugar was a little lower than they wanted so they put some glucose in my iv and after that i went in to get my spinal at just a little after noon, i didnt realize how different a spinal is compared to an epidural. i was numb right away and it felt like they cut me open 5 mins after they gave me the spinal. zach and i talked a little about how different this surgery was compared to the one i had with evelyn and then i hear them say that olyvias head is out and she screams right away. the doctor thought it was funny she didnt wait to scream til her whole body was out. then he had to get the shoulders out... it was a little difficult getting those shoulders out, but he got it and bam! we had a healthy 9 pound 12 ounce bundle of joy. she was born at 12:33pm and was 21 1/2 inches long. i knew she would be big but i didnt think about how long she might be. everything was pretty smooth after that we stayed at the hopsital for 4 days. i needed to heal a little and they made sure everything was ok with my iron levels, they were a little low. we went home sunday afternoon on a real stormy day. it was a weird day because there was a tornado watch... doesnt normally happen that time of year. we made it home safely. it was just a little windy. 
olyvia jane scott
all of us together
Zachary and his little girls

Friday, October 4, 2013


my daughter is turning 1!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Evelyn's 2 month check up

Ev had her 2 month check up yesterday.
her stats:
weight: 9lbs 3oz 11%
height: 22 1/2 inches 54%
she got a couple of shots she did not like that one bit :(

Monday, October 22, 2012

Evelyns birth story

Well on Monday the 8th of October i went in for my final non stress test before i got induced on the 10th. i was just thinking when i got there that it would be quick maybe id be there for an hour then id go home and pack my bags and get a few things taken care of before i got induced on the 10th. i was totally wrong... my blood pressure was high so my doc came in and said he was inducing me right away. i was surprised. i had an ultrasound the week before measuring the baby and he said she was measuring at 9 lbs so he wanted to get her out. Lacey was with me so i had her text zach to let him know i was having the baby that day. he packed me a couple things while lacey and i sat in the hospital waiting for everything to sink in. my parents were driving to tooele from nebraska to drop off some things for amber and marcus. they had plans of staying up north but since i wasnt going in on the 10th like we originally planned they headed down to cedar as soon as they could.
here i am waiting for an iv and for my husband to get to the hospital.
after zachary got to the hospital lacey went home and they started me on pitocin. my doctor broke my water and pain started happening.i had all sorts of things going into my iv. i planned on wearing my pump during delivery but last minute decided on an insulin drip. i didnt want my blood sugars going too crazy. i got low a few times so they had some sort of glucose going in my iv for that. i had to wait for my blood sugar to go up before i could get the epidural. the guy was waiting for me to be ready haha i was ready but i had to wait for my blood sugar to go up. finally the epidural was in and pain was gone. i started out at a 2 and got up to a 4 or 5 i wasnt progressing so he decided i needed a csection. i was in labor for a long time but it really didnt feel like it. i felt like time was going by so quickly. i was getting super tired tho. i was sorta releived to get a csection. i think the drugs they put in me for it made me way tired i had my eyes closed the entire time. there are a few things i dont really remember either. i remember them saying she had big shoulders when they pulled her out and they sung happy birthday. zachary was right next to me holding my hand and he got to take pictures of them pulling her out. 

 Evelyn Sage Scott
born at 8:41 pm Oct 8 2012
8lbs 20 inches long
she tried going through my tiny pelvis...

 she looks so big in these pictures but by the time i saw her with my glasses on the swelling all went down. i dont remember her looking like this at all.

when they brought her over to me she seemed so much further away. i feel like monday went by so fast but the stay after that was so slow. i couldnt wait to go home. evelyn was perfect no problems at all. the last day of our stay they checked her one last time for jaundice her levels were fine the whole stay but the last day they went up so we had to put her on lights we decided to do it all at home.
Evelyn is doing great i couldnt have asked for a better baby. she rarely cries and she would sleep through the night if i didnt wake her up to eat. she is so good.
zach and i love having her and we are so excited for this new chapter in our lives


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